It’s been a busy few months for us in the digital advertising arena.

We have developed and are currently running Google Adwords campaigns for adventure company, Spirit of Adventure and specialist metal roofing company, South Coast Metal Roofing.  We have also developed and are currently running Facebook advertising campaigns for Young Spirit Summer Camp and specialist publishing company Amberley Books.

They are a diverse range of businesses but what they all have in common is a focus on being experts in niche markets.  None of them have huge budgets so they all have a very strong focus on maximising their return on marketing investment.  And this is where digital marketing can be so effective.

Take Amberley Books for example.  They publish a number of local history books and also specialist history books.  We decided to use Facebook advertising to target potential customers because Facebook has a huge amount of information about its users.  This makes it much easier to target people geographically or by certain demographic characteristics or even by interests (or a combination of all of these).  By identifying the key customers groups – often different from title to title- and focussing our advertising efforts on them we can really maximise their advertising dollar.

We took a different approach for South Coast Metal Roofing.  They are Brighton-based but operate across much of the UK.  We chose Google Adwords to target their customers because we felt their target customers were perhaps more actively searching for the products they offer and were more likely to be using search engines. The results for all of the campaigns have been really encouraging whether it has been to build social media followers, create leads or generate sales.

If you’d like to know more about digital advertising contact Robert at info@robertgreenmarketing or telephone on 01803 722446.

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